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Tree removal should not be the first choice. But sometimes it is unavoidable, and often the last thing we want to do. Particularly if it’s a big beautiful old tree. Or perhaps it’s an overgrown shrub, or palms, or even an invasive species like Chinese Elms. 

Storm damage, disease, or the general health of the tree are all factors which contribute to the decision to remove a tree or the remaining stump.

The team at Ipswich Tree Services provide tree removal services to help eliminate the risk of damage or injury on your property – safely and swiftly.

Whatever the reason, this is not a job you should tackle yourself.  Get the professional in to assess your trees, provide professional advice on the local council regulations on tree removal and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.

Reasons for removing a tree...

It certainly isn’t our first suggestion to remove a tree, but, sometimes there’s just no other option.

There are many reasons, and here are just a few…

Tree Removal Costs

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Did you know...

In 2020, the average cost of removing a single tree was approximately $800.

The cost all depends on a lot of factors, size, age, location, so we there is no standard price. However, we will visit your site and provide you with advice and a free, no-obligation quote at a very competitive rate.

Factors which will influence the cost of removal are:

We are reliable, professional and affordable… and we’ll give you the best advice to keep your costs down.

Are there any council regulations in play for tree removal?

The Ipswich City Council recognizes the need to protect trees on private land to preserve the city’s character, amenity, biodiversity, historical and ecological values. Vegetation overlays have been provided throughout the region by the Ipswich City Council.

To remove any vegetation on your property, approval from Council may be required.

Ipswich Tree Services have the experience and knowledge in the Ipswich City Council region to advise you on the Council laws and regulations, so call us today.

For more information: Visit the Council’s Vegetation Management Planning Scheme to find more information on vegetation overlays which might affect tree removal on your property.


Service locations...

We provide our services across Ipswich and surrounding areas, including Bellbird Park, Brookwater, Brassal, Bundamba, Riverview, Camira, Gailes, Carole Park, Ripley, Rosewood, Churchill, Yamanto, Springfield, Collingwood Park, Redbank, Goodna, Karalee, Barellan Point Leichhardt, One Mile, Raceview and Walloon.

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